Our Vision for the Future

The appreciation for traditional craft is growing, and in our digital age it is more important than ever to preserve and teach these traditional skills, if for nothing but to honor and connect to our past.

The Freedom Hill Folk School strives to provide our Heroes and everyday folks an opportunity to connect with that past, to connect with themselves and potentially each other by sharing these experiences.

Our Bellaire location in beautiful Antrim County, Michigan is just the beginning. As time goes on we hope to build a community of knowledge to share and grow into facilities that can support a growing class catalog that covers the full breadth of American craft.

  • Gathering Events

    Aside from courses, we will be hosting events and gatherings open to the public to learn about our mission, rural American heritage and offer a source of community.

  • Our Workshop

    Our Bellaire workshop for wood and metal craft is where we're getting started. If you have a skill to share that can be taught in a spacious workshop environment, please contact us to discuss instructor opportunitys.

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